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Solutions to Probabilistic Constrained Optimal Control Problems Using Concentration Inequalities
Tomoaki Hashimoto
Laser Ultrasonic Diagnostics and Acoustic Emission Technique for Examination of Rock Specimens under Uniaxial Compression
Elena B. Cherepetskaya, Vladimir A. Makarov, Dmitry V. Morozov, Ivan E. Sas
A Lagrangian Hamiltonian Computational Method for Hyper-Elastic Structural Dynamics
Hosein Falahaty, Hitoshi Gotoh, Abbas Khayyer
Interaction between Unsteady Supersonic Jet and Vortex Rings
Kazumasa Kitazono, Hiroshi Fukuoka, Nao Kuniyoshi, Minoru Yaga, Eri Ueno, Naoaki Fukuda, Toshio Takiya
Numerical Simulations of Fire in Typical Air Conditioned Railway Coach
Manoj Sarda, Abhishek Agarwal, Juhi Kaushik, Vatsal Sanjay, Arup Kumar Das
The Model Establishment and Analysis of TRACE/MELCOR for Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant Spent Fuel Pool
W. S. Hsu, Y. Chiang, Y. S. Tseng, J. R. Wang, C. Shih, S. W. Chen
Satisfaction Evaluation on the Fundamental Public Services for a Large-Scale Indemnificatory Residential Community: A Case Study of Nanjing
Dezhi Li, Peng Cui, Bo Zhang, Tengyuan Chang
Fragility Assessment for Torsionally Asymmetric Buildings in Plan
S. Feli, S. Tavousi Tafreshi, A. Ghasemi
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